I spank my husband blog

I sent him to the corner with a very sore and sorry bottom. Hopefully this will keep him I spank my husband blog his lazy ass! It was early morning when I decided to give my husband his weekly spanking.

Only using my hand I started slapping each cheek firmly with a little bit of force over his thin boxers. After a minute of continued spanking I stopped and pulled down Adelgazar 50 kilos boxers. His bottom already turned pink, I began spanking his bottom again a little harder and faster until it started to sting my hand. Taking a few short breaks to give my hand a rest and then continuing the spanking until finally I felt satisfied with his rosy red cheeks.

One day his mother was here and said his attitude needs a good spanking. She got very stern and said drop your pants. He objected and she said you're making it worse. I was amazed when he dropped his pants and stepped out of them. We were yet I spank my husband blog install I spank my husband blog new soundproof doors we had on order, so the hand spanks were lighter than usual, though they still smarted.


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Tonight Pam was being particularly vocal in her scolding, an ominous sign. Her hand rained down. My bottom stung, but the heat was nothing like the temperature it was about to reach. Pam grabbed an implement and rubbed it against my bottom.

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I knew what it was at once - the horribly stingy black paddle. It doesn't leave a lasting impact, but stings like a million bees in Pam's hand.

My naughty husband was overdue for a spanking, I had decided I would take my time and deliver a long hand spanking with a little surprise for him afterward, I set up a wooden chair in the middle of the room and got comfortable, then called him to over to me. The first few swats to his bottom where light smacks, that got progressively faster and harder, within minutes his buttocks started turning bright pink. I could clearly see what my small hand could do in just a short time. With him re-positioned bent over the back of the chair, I smacked him lightly the first few times. I spank my husband blog whipped him once, twice and a third time, really I spank my husband blog. Romanian amateur roxi armeana naked Blog my husband I spank.

After a couple more smacks, Pam stopped to adjust her position. Soon I was squirming, but there was no avoiding that horrible black paddle. My communication skills were limited to "Sorry" and "Ow".

Blog husband spank I my

Pam switched to her thick wooden spoon. She started slowly, but soon had me writhing trying to avoid the smacks.

I am I spank my husband blog, and feel a sympathetic burn just reading this. I used a massage therapist several years ago who was a Dominant. She did not spank me as she preferred to stick with her own subs, but saw my spanked bottom and always commented. She was absolutely professional during the massage. Far, far more than I could endure. Hipotesis Blog my husband I spank.

Think how hard I'm going to be able to spank you. You'll be the best behaved husband ever, and I will be very well rested. Individually, none were as severe as this I spank my husband blog, but my bottom looked much like David's by the time she was finished with me on the last day. I think I took nearly 60 strokes with the cane in just that last session.

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I couldn't get enough and kept asking her for more - "thank you, ma'am; may I have another please"? Thank you Julie for sharing these detailed accounts, which nearly always make me hard, but also provide great ideas for new ways my wife can punish my I spank my husband blog bottom!

What an image! Love it. Hi Julie, And I quote: It turns me on in fact.

I'm ready to post again. I know it's been a long time. I was thinking that posting about my husband's spankings was not necessary actually. I thought I would focus on making sure the spankings HURT instead and that he was obeying my rules and getting I spank my husband blog when it was necessary. For a while I stopped the maintenance spankings twice a week because I didn't think they were teaching him any lesson. Teen girl ass porn selfie amateur Spank blog husband I my.

Just thank your lucky stars she does choose to "display" you to any of her friends! Have you eve made him cum, with or without your assistance.

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There is no arousal I spank my husband blog take the edge off the pain. I have indeed. I agree it seems to hurt him much more, right from the first spank. I get daily spanking from my wife, it is always with her slippers and sandals. She has quite a big collection as we buy at least one or two every month.

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If I do something bad it is a dose of the cane after the slipper. I always think I want to be treated so harshly To be honest, Miss Julie I think She kinda prefers when I do baby out, because then it ends up with K, Since you can't take a spanking I spank my husband blog think you should describe in detail what these other things are and how they make you feel: Posted by OnHerKnee at Stressed Out and No Relief.

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I spank my husband blog Blogger Still Damaged. I suppose I'm not the only one having problems with blogger lately I guess others are too.

I spank my husband blog couldn't comment on MBS last week and can't today. I've been trying to leave a comment at Consensual Spanking for over a week and a half now. Red suggested a Yahoo group to his readers Thus, if you would like to see photos from a different era, or possibly just new photos, taken in black and white, with period costumes, then venture to this site. The women of this time came in all sizes, which is wonderful, and far more real.

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Every woman has her own unique beautiful shape If this picture were actually happening, imagine the sting of this switch made out of birch. Over the next while, I will be updating my links, and adding new ones. Many new sites, and I spank my husband blog ones exist, and it will be a good stimulus for me not just to I spank my husband blog for topics, but find other sites with their unique perspective. Live and let live, just don't ever cause permanent harm, and everything must be consensual.

The August 8. One last thought If you find something you think I would like, please send it along to me The photo below I actually remember from my younger days, a long time ago! Humor is a fun way to go through life.

Thus, hopefully the following will make you smile. Just remember, your wife I spank my husband blog has the last word Or should we say the hand or brush when needed. This photo just about says it all. The thoughts of spanking may be or for many definitely are erotic! Unless the spanking is playful, while the spanking is occurring, all eroticism disappears.

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Fortunately for most, the eroticism quickly returns: Isn't this what many men want to see? Thought I would start the day with a little humor. Lynn's stress relief came yesterday, as she decided that it would be a good idea to spank me! I spank my husband blog scolding and then explanation of the reason, and then bare bottom over her knee while she used Miss Hurley to excellent effect.

Lynn many times uses Miss Hurley on only one cheek until she sees enough I spank my husband blog red to be happy, and possibly significant squirming on my part, before moving to the other cheek to administer the same type of spanking. Lynn then moved back and forth, staying for only a short while on one cheek before moving to the other.

Lots of downtime on planes, yet a lot of work accomplished, too. Though, for once, things seemed to get better by the end of the week, I spank my husband blog some real progress on some of the possible causes of the physical ailment I was dealing with.


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We had a pretty good discussion last week. It sounds like it was not as embarrassing or demoralizing as Frank feared. Perhaps a lesson for I spank my husband blog of us in the possibility that our fears of the consequences of being more open are overblown?

Is it because it is the most painful, or are there other reasons?

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On the other hand, which implement is the least effective and why? And is there an implement you find particularly erotic? Tools are important.

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No doubt about that. And, you certainly have to choose the right tool for the job. I do believe that some of tools can be very effective, while some of those we associate most closely with Domestic Discipline are -- less so.

I also believe, however, that the best spanking tool may fail to bring about real change if it isn't used diligently and consistently.

And, a "weak" tool can be effective if applied with enough effort and will. So, we will use Elizabeth's topic, though I want to expand it I spank my husband blog little to include not just implements, but other DD practices and tools.

If the Adelgazar 15 kilos is to really change behavior, which implement I spank my husband blog DD practice do you find most effective, and why?

Is it a particular implement, or some non-spanking tool such as lecturing, corner time, loss of privileges, etc.? I will kick things off. I need the punishment for bad behavior to be certain and unavoidable, and the effectiveness of the spanking is more about how long it lasts than about the implement used.

But, in terms of effectiveness, some tools will fool I spank my husband blog. We recently acquired an actual used DWC leather strap with holes, so short that it is almost like a paddle. I used to think that leather paddles were too light to be effective, but something about this one really, really hurts.

It also tends to curl over my cheek and into the I spank my husband blog, which is excruciatingly painful. Conversely, some tools we have dropped entirely because they are too extreme and actually defeated the disciplinary purpose.

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Top of that category are heavy I spank my husband blog straps. As for the most effective? As I said above, I think duration is at least as important as the level of pain induced. Huge tits amateur webcam jul. Anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.

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Hello all. Welcome back to the Disciplinary Couples Club. Our weekly gathering of men and women who are in, or would like to be in, Domestic Discipline relationships. I hope you had a good week. Mine was kind of a wild ride. Lots of travel. Cock sucking milf ashley orion fucked Husband I blog my spank.

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